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YBL Full

The OG Movement
30 minutes of full body movement which will set you up for the day. Stretch off your sleep and switch on your mind to prepare for a new day.

YBL 15

YBL Snack on The Go
Energising 15 minute class for those short on time or when you just need to reset on your lunch break.

Beginners Yoga

Make the First Move
Introductory classes to take you through the movements of yoga. Start by building a good foundation.

Vinyasa Flow

The Classic Yoga
Flow your way to feeling grounded with this classic take on Vinyasa Yoga

Yin Yoga

Relax and Unwind
Slow things down with static stretches and target those areas of the body that needs it the most.

Restorative Flow

Move Body and Mind
This deep stretch of movement will bring your body and mind back to being one leaving you feeling refreshed.

Pregnancy Yoga

For an active pregnancy
Classes designed to help you find balance, strength and improve your mobility.

Spicy Pilates

Improve strength and control
Designed to improve your body with a focus on your core, for an improved overall wellbeing

Instructional Videos

YBL Building Blocks
Videos ranging between 5 and 20 minutes to help you develop certain movements, balances or flows to give you more confidence

Arm Balance

Strength and Stability
Catch up on our monthly arm balance classes to improve your crow or try something new!

Athlete Maintenance

With Nikki Donovan
No flows, just activation and stability exercises to focus on areas of your body that need a bit more attention

Slow Flow

Slowing It Down

Take on this mix of a flow class and yin - slow movement into longer holds. It's what everyone needs.

Bodyweight Training

With James Davies

Taking you through the core fundamentals of movements and targeting areas of weakness to make you stronger

Movement Exploration

With James Davies

These sessions will focus on mobility and stability, whilst improving your strength and endurance