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Advanced YBL

If you want a challenge - this class is for you! From arm balance flows to the splits - we save all the advanced moves and put them into a class! Each week is different; and we must warn you - it’s not for the faint hearted!

Athlete Maintenance

We designed this class with the intention of making people feel good, with a focus on preventing injuries and moving well. Each class is different so will give an idea of the types of injury prevention and injury rehab exercises used for different parts of the body. As well as getting a good session in, you could incorporate those that you feel most benefit from into your own training. The classes will also highlight areas of weakness or mobility restrictions that you may not have been previously aware of, working on these will result in moving better.

Bedtime Wind Down

This class is designed for before bed. Slowing down and switching off after your day. It’s time to rest and restore. Gentle movement mixed with passive and restorative positions.

Beginners Yoga

For those who want to get into Yoga and mobility or need it but maybe the flows are a little too advanced for you at this time. Try out beginners YBL. Focusing on full body Yoga and Mobility; but slowed down and each movement is explained in more detail. Bringing it back to basics.

Break Time

Everyone’s got 5 minutes. Deigned for those who just need a break but don’t have time for a long break! These 5 minute flows are designed to get you moving - specifically if you work at a desk; we wanted to give you an option to get up and move - focusing on those areas of the body that are neglected if you sit a lot at home or in work.

Check In and Breathe

10 minutes of guided meditation. Check in with yourself and just breathe.

Pregnancy Lite

10 minutes of movement. Pregnancy style; we want to keep you moving. Working on the hips, glutes, neck and shoulders - we have designed Yoga and Mobility sessions that are safe throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy- Yoga session designed to support you though pregnancy, labour and beyond. More gentle the other forms of yoga to help to connect to baby, building strength to muscles to help sooth aches and pain and prepare you holding you baby in your arms.

Restorative Flow

A slow-paced class that focuses on relaxing the body and mind through a focus on the breath and long, passive stretches to leave you feeling completely recharged.

Slow Flow

We call this our mix between YBL Lite and Yin. It’s basically what it says on the tin. A Flow style class (mixing movement and stretches into a routine) but dropping the pace. We mix in a few static stretches to keep the style slower than our normal YBL class.

Spicy Pilates

A modern twist on traditional Pilates exercises, SP is a full body workout designed to build strength, endurance and co-ordination. Progressions and regressions are given throughout so you can pick your level of challenge. Get ready to feel muscles you didn’t know you had!

Vinyasa/Yoga Flow

Both are very similar styles of Yoga and each class will depend on the instructor. The Flow style of class links Yoga positions to keep you moving on your mat through a Flow the instructor creates - connecting mind, body and breath.

YBL Full

The OG Movement

Yogability. Yoga mixed with mobility work. 30 minutes of full body movement - finding range and strength through range. The main part of the class consists of dynamic movement and active stretches; finishing off with slower movement, passive stretches and relaxation.

YBL Lite

The Full YBL class condensed into a 10-15 minute class. For those with a bit less time or want to fit more sessions in; the YBL Lite is a member favourite. Still a full body Yoga and Mobility class; focusing on gaining end range and strength through range. The class consists of dynamic movement and active stretches; finishing off with slower movement, passive stretches and relaxation.

YBL Lite (Body Part Specific)

Each week we will choose a body part to focus on. The class is a similar style to YBL but this class will change the focus week on week.

Yin Yoga

Static Stretches, passive movement and restorative positions. In your Yin Yoga classes; you will normally hold each position for between 1 and 5 minutes. Yin is perfect if you want to rest, restore and work purely on slowing down the mind and body whilst working on flexibility.

Yoga For Back Tightness

We hold a lot of tension in our backs. The main problem area we saw with our generation is back tightness and stiffness. So we designed a class for that. Working on gaining range; movement and easing any tightness but also working on the key muscle groups around the back (hips, hamstrings and glutes) that can also cause back pain.