Yogability for Pregnancy

Online yoga classes for an active and healthy pregnancy

The mission was to create a style of Yogability safe for the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy. I wanted to give pregnant women the opportunity to reap the benefits of Yoga and Mobility practice in a safe environment. There are many benefits to being physically active during pregnancy and a dedicated pregnancy class focusing on movement, mobility and relaxation can be a important part of your healthy, active pregnancy.

Yogability for Pregnancy has been designed to give pregnant women the freedom to participate in a Yogability class, tailored specifically to their needs, from the comfort of their own home; to help them to switch off, to move, stay mobile and active during their pregnancy.

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yoga and mobility

Improves strength, flexibility and balance

Can reduce or alleviate back and hip pain; which is common in pregnancy. The strength and flexibility focus can strengthen muscles that need to be stabilised and release muscles that need to be relaxed

Improves overall posture

Helps develop the pelvic floor (relaxation as well as contraction)

Increases blood flow; which improves overall circulation and can help with fluid retention (reducing swelling in the ankles/legs)

Managing stress and anxiety (mental health) - promoting emotional wellbeing

Some classes include breathing techniques for labour and birth

Improved sleep

It is recommended that women get 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week in pregnancy; Yogability is moderate intensity.


Approved by Midwives

"Yogability for Pregnancy has the potential to positively influence so many aspects of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. The movements that Alecs has carefully created in the pregnancy sequences work to help alleviate so many common pregnancy symptoms such as back aches and pains and to help prevent injury from tight and weakened muscles. Alecs’s fantastic knowledge and understanding of movement is highlighted throughout her classes and her pregnancy safe flows encorporate a range of strength and flexibility exercises that are functional not only for your overall wellbeing but they may also support your body in it’s preparation for labour and birth. I love the way the exercises are adaptable to meet all levels of ability and they provide an opportunity to practice breathing exercises and help manage stress and anxiety whilst getting in some important exercise too. I believe all pregnant women would benefit from pregnancy yogability and love that it is so much more focused on movement and functionality than your typical pregnancy yoga class."

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Meet the Creator

Alecs Donovan

Age: 29

Birth place: Swansea

Interesting Fact: "I won a burger eating competition in New York."

Best sporting moment: "Winning Man of the Match in my Welsh Rugby debut."

Best professional moment: "Founding/Creating Yogability and opening The Yoga Hub."

What inspired you to create a new method of yoga?
"I wanted to bridge the gap between strength and conditioning and Yoga. There was very few places that combined yoga with strength and mobility work. The aim is to improve strength through range; improve body awareness, balance, stability as well as all over mobility and flexibility. We aim to relate the movements back to sport or fitness and the mobility required to be physically active; enabling proper form or function."