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Return to Movement

Brand New!

Made for new mamas by a new mama, our Return to Movement series focuses on exploring movement as well as rebuilding strength and confidence in your body postpartum.  We provide you with 3 15-20 minute classes a week for 4 weeks that continue to build throughout the series, so that you can easily see and experience your progress. Our layered approach means that you can pick your level of challenge depending on your ability and energy levels. No equipment required - bring your body and your mat (baby optional) and let’s get moving!

Disclaimer: We strongly recommend that you have been cleared to return to exercise by your obstetrician or women’s health physiotherapist before starting any exercise postpartum.

The Wake Up and Breathe Challenge


The 5 day challenge.

We are trialing it for the next few months. (Yes - WE - that means you too ;))

My friend said to me during the sleep challenge;

‘I feel like if challenges were around 3 to 4 days and I could do it. I just do a few days, then fail’ …

I don’t want anything to be daunting - I want challenges to be exciting. I don’t want people to feel like they’ve failed.

So, here we have it. Mini challenges. Starting with a challenge for 5 days.

6am Monday to Friday - for the initial stream or catch up whenever!

(3rd-7th of October).

The Wake Up and Breathe Challenge - Morning Meditation.

5 minutes of guided breathing, and an optional coffee in hand.

Meditate and caffeinate.

(Added optional lifestyle goal of getting outside for a walk everyday of the week too (and yes - 5 minutes counts!)).

5/10 minutes every day for 5 days.

Day 6 Christmas Challenge: Slow Flow

Day 5 Christmas Challenge: Bedtime Wind Down

Day 4 Christmas Challenge: Check In and Breathe

Day 3 Christmas Challenge: Yin Yoga

Day 2 Christmas Challenge: YBL Lite

Day 1 Christmas Challenge: Slow Flow

Day 5 The Wake Up and Breathe Challenge

Day 4 The Wake Up and Breathe Challenge

Day 3 The Wake Up And Breathe Challenge

Day 2 The Wake Up and Breathe Challenge

Day 1 The Wake Up and Breathe Challenge