How do I sign up for YBL?

Click on our website - click on membership - choose an option that suits you and sign up!

How much does YBL cost?

It depends on which membership you go for

The full membership is £19.99 per month

Our 6 month full membership is £99 for 6 months

Our annual full membership is £182 for the year

We also have the Lite membership with access to 6 live lite classes per week - the lite membership is £9.99 per month

Do I have a contract with YBL once I sign up?

No there's no contract. You can cancel anytime. After payment is made you will have access for 4 weeks, even if you cancel within that month

How do I cancel my YBL subscription?

You can either email us to sort cancellation or log in on your laptop - click profile and then membership - there's a cancellation button at the bottom.

How many classes can I access with my YBL membership

With the FULL membership you can access all videos. We have around 1600 videos, all categorised. You also have access to all of our live streams - 24 classes per week.

With the lite membership you have access to 6 live lite classes per week and you can access all previous lite classes. They are available at any time.

Do YBL members get discount codes or special offers?

If you are a member, you can get 20% off our YBL Merch by using your member code.

We don't have discount codes for membership as we do a 2 week trial for everyone.

What makes YBL different from other online yoga platforms?

We might be biased but we are the most real yoga platform out there. We do 24 live classes per week.

Who is Alecs Donovan?

Alecs Donovan is a former international rugby player who created her own yoga method called Yogability, now known as YBL - Your Best Life.

What is 'just move' and how can it help me?

'Just move' is our approach to Yoga. You can overcomplicate Yoga, you can overcomplicate moving. You can make excuses to move and you can feel intimidated to start.

We want you to move better and feel better. So, we've tried creating a method so you have no excuses not to.

Just move is our method. We want you to jump on your mat - whether you have 5 minutes or 30 minutes. Just jump on your mat and we'll take care of the rest.

Just move.

Does YBL provide pregnancy yoga classes?


We have over 100 pregnancy specific classes. Or you can join Abby live on Wednesday's at 08:30am (Abby is currently pregnant so will be fully on your journey with you), or join Al on Sundays at 08:30am live for a pregnancy version of YBL lite.

Will yoga help with my overall wellbeing?

YBL is designed to help you move better and feel better. We truly believe by giving yourselves 10 minutes to just move or just breathe, you can dramatically improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

And so do our members!

"Just thank you! I can't express what a difference a daily class has made to my general well-being. I feel like I can face whatever the day throws at me after YBL and a couple of coffees! 😂

The benefit to my physical strength/muscle tone and mental health is enormous! Thank you 🥰"

Still have questions?