The YBL Christmas Guide

7 days of Self-care

26th December - 1st January

1 daily YBL Class & 1 daily Lifestyle task
Every day for 7 days

FREE for all
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Each month we will bring you a new challenge to take part in. From improving the way you think about food, becoming more mindful or building up to that upside-down pose, we have something new for you to try.

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The YBL Christmas Guide. 7 Days of Self-Care.

Alecs Donovan
Challenge Details

26th of December - 1st of January.

FREE for all.

1 Class and 1 Lifestyle task to complete daily.

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The Wake Up and Breathe Challenge

Challenge Details

The 5 day challenge.

We are trialing it for the next few months. (Yes - WE - that means you too ;))

My friend said to me during the sleep challenge;

‘I feel like if challenges were around 3 to 4 days and I could do it. I just do a few days, then fail’ …

I don’t want anything to be daunting - I want challenges to be exciting. I don’t want people to feel like they’ve failed.

So, here we have it. Mini challenges. Starting with a challenge for 5 days.

6am Monday to Friday - for the initial stream or catch up whenever!

(3rd-7th of October).

The Wake Up and Breathe Challenge - Morning Meditation.

5 minutes of guided breathing, and an optional coffee in hand.

Meditate and caffeinate.

(Added optional lifestyle goal of getting outside for a walk everyday of the week too (and yes - 5 minutes counts!)).

5/10 minutes every day for 5 days.

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Improve Your Sleep

Alecs Donovan
Challenge Details

14 day Challenge September 5th-19th

Live at 21:00 Every night with Alecs


  • Get into a daily sleep routine
  • Bedtime wind down class live each night
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Prepare your body for sleep
  • Manage your worries
  • Confront Sleeplessness
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Pilates Challenge

Abby Fitzgerald
Challenge Details

Start date July 4th

Monday - Friday 7am Pilates

Sunday Restorative Yoga 18:00

A 10 day feel good Pilates challenge, with 10 mins of movement a day to leave you feeling stronger and more energised.

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TLC Challenge

Alecs Donovan
Challenge Details

This month it’s all about you. Self-love, self-care, self-worth, the little things.Join us for weekly and daily lifestyle tasks and challenges throughout the month to keep you accountable to the little stuff.They might be little but they’re life changing.

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Pregnancy Yoga Challenge

Sophie Stocks
Challenge Details

Alongside those building to a handstand, we know that it is advised for those expecting a little one, not to spend too much time upside down.We want to give mums to be and those who have just become the opportunity to check in, move and centre themselves to prepare for birth. If you've recently given birth, this is a great way to slowly move the body again and to reset after a busy day or restless night. 3 weekly sessions including…. Session 1 (Tuesday's at 6pm): Pregnancy yoga- to get you moving, stretching and helping to soothe those pregnancy aches and pains.Session 2 (Thursdays's at 6pm) : Pregnancy meditation- to calm the mind, soothe the nervous system and connect you to baby. Session 3 (Saturday's at 6pm) : An intro into hypnobirthing- to tune into your body, release fear, connect to the science behind labour and prepare you for birthing your baby. Tuesday's at 6pmBenefits to you, benefits to your baby, benefits to your birth experience and even some useful tips and tricks for your birth partner too. Suitable for anyone from 12 weeks onwards.

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Build to a Free Standing Handstand

Alecs Donovan
Challenge Details

Sounds scary but it’s for those who have always wanted to handstand… Without a wall! 4 weeks… 3 sessions a week… 12 sessions to get you as close to a free standing handstand as we can.With added perks and bringing in specialists, we’ve slightly changed our pricing structure. I would always suggest you go for the Full Membership because I can’t begin to explain how much extra worth you have by having full access to these challenges and to all instructors and all classes.

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The Nutrition Challenge

Nikki Donovan
Challenge Details

2 weeks to change your mindset on food. I wanted to introduce Nik… my sister yes but my go to for everything food and nutrition related. She’s changed her life with the way she thinks about food. What’s her biggest threat? You might think it’s the 400 masters she’s got but in reality regarding food, body image and training she’s been through it all, so can help you on your nutrition and food relationship journey and she LOVES to help. I cannot wait for you to see what she can do.

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YBL Life Coach

Ashleigh Welch
Challenge Details

Full access to book onto free 1:1s with a Life Coach. We believe everyone should have a life coach, we do, because no matter how great your life is, they help you make it better. From seemingly small niggles to wanting to up-level your life, giving yourself this small amount of time can make big changes, just like Yoga 👀Free weekly life coaching for all of March. You have 24/7 access to our YBL Life Coach for 4 weeks. Book your private 30 minute session using the link.Just like yoga, life coaching is for everyone. You've got nothing to lose but so much to gain

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The Mind Gym

Challenge Details