Online Yoga - Is it a Fad?

Alecs Donovan
November 3, 2022

Online Yoga - Is it a Fad?

We get asked a lot whether online Yoga is worth it and what’s the benefit of online Yoga over Yoga in person.


It’s hard to answer because people assume it’s because we have an ulterior motive! But for us, we hated travelling in rush hour – arriving to classes sostressed. We always promised ourselves we would commit to Yoga and it just took a back seat whenever life got busy. Well, now that doesn’t happen.

In simple, online Yoga lets us do Yoga more often and whenever we are free. We can choose a style that suits our mood, and we can set the mood in our house to suit us. It’s much cheaper than Yoga in person, and we have an option of over 1600 videos on demand.


In all honesty, it’s made us do more Yoga. Which in turn has benefited our mental and physical wellbeing beyond measure.


We still dip in and out of Yoga in person when we can. Especially if there’s an in-depth workshop going on. But it’s always when we have enoughtime and when we can enjoy the entire experience.


Online Yoga has changed our lives because we no longer have to choose between Yoga and something else. We can have it all.


With Live classes and classes on demand, we keep our members engaged and up to date. We have 4 Live classes per day and we are always lookingto add instructors, classes and challenges.


I read an article (It’s easier using someone else’s viewpoint in an argument because of the ulterior motive we spoke about)…


‘Are Online Yoga Classes as Good as the Real Thing?’

ByAja Frost


So, there we have it. You can listen to us or an article we read online.

For 100 people who love online Yoga, there’s 100 people who would rather Yoga in person.

You’re not wrong to love what you love – just make sure it isn’t causing you stress, too much money – and you’re able to do it when it suits you.

The less stress it causes, the more you'll enjoy it and the more you'll do it.

I think the important thing to remember is - Yoga isn't a fad. It's a way of improving mental and physical wellbeing. Wherever you are and whoever you are. There's a style, instructor and form of Yoga (whether online or in person) to suit you.