Can you instantly improve your mental health?

Alecs Donovan
December 8, 2022

Can you instantly improve your mental health?


I’m trying to keep this Blog short. It’s December; but that doesn’t mean your mental health should suffer. Anxiety, depression, stress. It’s all very common; butthat doesn’t make it any easier.



I started watching a program (I can’t wait to finish it but surprise, surprise…  I haven’t had the time yet); and these professionals in their field explained that there are 3 basic foundations to instantly take action into changing how you feel. I'm so used to hearing you can't magically improve your mental health. However, this expert explained that you can. You can instantly improve your mental health.



The short answer.

Work on Your Life Force.


What is Your Life Force?

1) Your Body

2) People

3) Yourself and your unconsious mind.







It’s shown that exercise and movement has an 85% instantchange on how you feel. 85%!!

There’s an ongoing argument that I’m really passionate about..The argument is that we are taught from such a young age that exercise is for weight-loss or how you look. And this is completely wrong. We were never taught the effect it has on how we feel, or how physical health links with mental health. You need to move to feel better. When you work on your body; you’re working on your mind. There’s lots of benefits to movement, and none of them involve how you look.






You have to take initiative here. You might think your social battery is drained, yes you need to listen to that but you need to take note of the people that leave you feeling fuller. Or the ones you can be yourself around. Completely yourself. No acting needed. Try to avoid cancelling all of your plans. As tempted as it is – it’s never as bad as you think and don't underestimate the importance connection, community and relationships are for your mental health.



Your relationship with your unconscious – writing helps with this.

Journaling – learning about yourself.

You might be thinking/worrying/stressing about things you didn’t know that were on your mind. But you need to


Increase Life Force to figure out your passion – everything else will fall into place. “You can read as many books as you’d like; but if you’re unable to read yourself, you’ll never learn a thing.”

Knowing yourself is so important for your mental health. You might be hiding how you feel away from yourself even. Explore your unconscious mind– what you’re struggling with might come to the surface, and from there – you can take action.


So there are 3 ways to try and instantly change the way you feel. Move your body, Meet up with People, Be honest to yourself and learn about yourself and your unconscious self.


“I believe depression is legitimate. But I also believe that, if you don't exercise, eat nutritious food, get sunlight, get enough sleep,consume positive material, surround yourself with support, then you aren't giving yourself a fighting chance.”